10 Hot New Summer Hair Color Trends You'll Dye For

May 24 2020

There’s something about summer that just makes you want to try out something new. And for us at Artemis Salon, that means a new hairstyle!

We’ve been keeping tabs on all the hottest color trends for summer and let us tell you, they are BEAUTIFUL! Here’s what to expect this summer:

High Contrast Color

high contrast color

This summer is going to be all about high contrast color. If you’re stuck between color choices, why not get them both? This vibrant trend will be everywhere this summer and we’ll be honest, we are here for it.

Dark & Shiny Locks

dark and shiny locks

If you want to shimmer in the sun this summer, this sparkling trend is the one for you. Our stylist, Nicole has perfected this trend and it looks beautiful on her! Dark hair is no longer reserved for winter; it’s coming out in full force this summer with some added shine. Gloss, anyone?

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More than just a play on words (or sounding like a beachy cocktail), blorange is a new take on the “old” strawberry blonde. Plus, it compliments those sunny days perfectly. Who else is ready for the beach?

Dip Dye

dip dye trend

This summer, hair is going to be all about being bold, bright and colorful. If you’re not quite sure you’re ready to dye your full head, then the dip dye trend is perfect for you. With your ends gently dyed a vibrant color, this trend is the perfect way to transform your hair in an innovative new way. Plus, we think it looks amazing!

Bold Roots

bold roots

Quarantine hair, don’t care. One of the hottest trends to emerge this summer are bold roots and if you ask us, they definitely make a statement!

Strawberry Brown

strawberry brown hair trend

No longer just reserved for blondes, brunettes are finally getting the strawberry love treatment they deserve. What a great way to add a pop of color to your natural hue, right?

Jet Black

black hair color trend 2020

The darker, the better. That’s the motto of one of this year’s hottest summer hair color trends. Bold, jet-black hair is going to be everywhere this year and it’s a trend we can’t get enough of.

Pops of Color

pops of color hair trend summer 2020

Like the dip dye trend, pops of color are an easy and effective way to add a little pizazz to your hair style. It’s simple but definitely effective.

“Fantasy” Hair

fantasy hair color trend 2020

One of our favorite things to do here, at Artemis Salon, is play with color so this neon trend is right up our alley. Neon shades are the hottest new trend and trust us when we say, yes, you can definitely pull this off!

Iced Gray

iced gray color trend 2020

While gray has been a trendy color for a couple years now, iced shades are elevating this look to a whole new level.

As you can see, there are a ton of fun, vibrant and beautiful color trends coming up in the next few months. Don’t be afraid to try something outside the box. Your hair is an extension of your self-expression and here at Artemis Salon, we’re here to help you feel your most beautiful. We can’t wait to reopen our doors and help you rock these newest summer trends. We’ll see you soon.